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Benefits Of Lifetime Access To Game Arts Academy
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You will:
  • Save precious time and energy in your professional pursuits and stop spinning your wheels getting nowhere

  • Get access to expert industry veteran support to help you maximize your efforts

  • Avoid the common mistakes so many talented aspiring game artists make

  • Turn your rookie portfolio into a seriously impressive sales agent that opens doors for you

  • Learn insider secrets and tips from industry-veterans with decades of combined experience

  • Enjoy and learn with the collective intelligence of a active community of talented and supportive students

  • Build connections in the industry and get lined up with interviews and job opportunities

  • Never have to invest another dollar in your digital art education again

Hopefuls & Beginners
You’re a young aspiring 3D artist who is still in high school and considering what college to go to or whether you really need to go to college... Or if you an experienced graphic designer looking to upgrade your skills or transition careers...
College Students
You’re currently enrolled in a college 3D art program and are weighing your options for finishing school or continuing on your own... Or simply want access to ongoing education once you are done college...
College Graduates
You’re already a graduate of a college digital art program and want to continue to sharpen your skills to ensure you make the most of your education investment and actually make it in the industry...

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If you’re into 2D art, 3D art, characters, environments, technical rigging, animation, visual effects, building your own indie project, or anything related to video games, animated movies, or multimedia arts, then getting access to this lifetime deal will help you in your future professional pursuits in ways you can’t even imagine right now.
Everything Included In This Lifetime Deal:
You get LIFETIME access to ALL courses and some student services, and 1-YEAR of select student services

  • (LIFETIME) Access to online video course library. All our beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses - current and future - are yours for life. Read further down the page for a list of 15 in-depth courses and details on each.

  • (1-YEAR ACCESS) Private Student-Run Slack Group where you can interact with, support, and be supported by other students. This has been one of the most valuable features of the school since we launched in 2018 ($99/year after).

    Here you can ask questions, post your work-in-progress art, and get feedback in a helpful peer-to-peer environment of students working shoulder to shoulder to sharpen themselves. The Spartans used to say “Steel sharpens steel”, which is an appropriate metaphor for the purpose of this group. Myself and our coaches will be in there from time to time, but it is meant to be by and for the students and alumni.

  • (LIFETIME) Access to coaching call recordings. We run a coaching program here and do weekly group coaching calls with students. We record these sessions and upload them to our course library.

    Getting access to these recordings and being able to be a fly on the wall for these calls is the second best option to being on them live and interactive. Just watching and listening to the questions of students and answers from our coaches is super valuable.

  • (LIFETIME) The "Autobot Accountabilibuddy" System will help you to stay the course to your end goal and support and encourage you when you fall of the horse from time to time.

BONUSES Included In This Lifetime Deal:
When you grab this deal, you will also get the following bonuses

  • TWO (2) Small Group Portfolio Review & Strategy Sessions. This will be after your first 60-days in the school and after you’ve completed some of the course modules and have been interactive in the peer community (not part of annual renewal).

  • Access to my industry connections will allow you to get insider opportunities for any paid work that comes my way. I am still tapped into the industry here in Toronto, and plan on developing this school to studio pipeline more in the future.

    As an Academy Alumni with a stacked advanced 3D art portfolio and a positive attitude, I will be happy to refer you when employers come to me looking for talent.

  • Motivated Mornings Daily Check-Ins will help you stay accountable and motivated to focus your time and energy every day so you make the most of your efforts and maintain your momentum once you get started.

  • The Silent Study Room is another of our productivity and accountability tools that will help you stay on task by recreating a classroom in our virtual academy. Being able to see other students also in the session gives you the feeling of not being alone. We also utilize a "pomodoro clock" to manage 25-minute work sprints so all student using this tool also make time to take care of themselves in their work day.

  • Access to our proprietary G-Scrum work-flow management and productivity tool to help you stay on top of the many moving pieces in the digital art production process.

    Many studios use a similar tool and process for getting work done and managing deliverables, so using this tool will give you first hand experience with tools you'll likely use in the future when you're hired.

    And if you run your own freelance or indie projects, you can use this tool for life to stay on top of things.
And much more to come...

You can read more further down about the courses and these bonuses available now and the ones to come in the future with this lifetime deal for Founding Students.

The Advanced Environment Mastery course and other beginner, intermediate and advanced courses you have access to right away are enough to keep you busy for months, if not years.

And if you actually do the work, you will have game-ready professional-level 3D art and a portfolio that will seriously impress anybody considering hiring you.

And I can say this with confidence because you're probably a lot like my previous and current students.

They are good too.

Some very good.

But they still hadn't put in the work to create a portfolio centerpiece that outdid all the rest of their art...

One that opened doors for them and paved inroads into interviews they never would've gotten otherwise.

They walked into Game Arts Academy with solid base skills and a serious commitment to sharpening those skills and creating a high-level piece of next-gen art that could finally start to work for them and help them get stable work in this highly competitive industry.

Further down you can check out their 3D environments and review what they learned in our courses.
What Our Students Say About Us
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Game Arts Academy
Course Library

Available Now And To Come 
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Go from absolute beginner to creating your first high-quality game prop in no time
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Step up your game prop making game with this second stage of the previous Intro to 3D Modeling course
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Become a master of the Edit Poly Modifier, where you will do most of your work as a 3D modeler
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Learn how to use subdivision modeling like the pros to create higher quality models
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Learn the fundamentals and more for creating high quality textures (Coming soon)
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Learn the tips and tricks on how to light and render your portfolio pieces like the pros (Coming soon)
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Learn how to create
low-poly trees that are optimized for game engines
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Learn to create a low poly game rock asset that can be used modularly
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Create a hand-painted World of Warcraft style texture using Zbrush
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Master Fusion 360 in modeling and game development
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Learn advanced shape creation and color application in Substance Designer
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Refine your intermediate and advanced skills with the secrets of active industry experts
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Build a world-class, AAA-quality 3D environment that lands you work
Retail Price: $297
Included with Membership
Supercharge your LinkedIn profile and really get noticed by recruiters
Retail Price: $97
Included with Membership
Learn how to create and publish your own indie game step by step from start to finish from 2 industry veterans (Coming soon)
Retail Price: $497
Included with Fast-Movers Bonus
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What Our Students Say About Us
Check Out The Courses In More Detail Below
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Learn the foundations of 3D modeling and what you need to do to succeed.

This course is designed to get you started right away exploring the 3D Space.

By the end of this course you should be familiar with navigating your way around 3D Studio Max.

You will create your first 3D scene which will allow you to practice some of the fundamentals you've learned here.

- Module 1: Intro to 3D Concepts

- Module 2: Intro to 3D Studio Max Interface

- Module 3: The 3DS Max Viewport

- Module 4: Working With Primitive Objects

- Final Assignment: Build a Snowman

Go from absolute beginner to creating your first high-quality game props in no time.

In this course you will learn your base 3D modeling skills.

You will begin to explore the "Edit Poly Modifier" in 3DS Max and gain an understanding of how 3D forms are created.

In this course you will also create your first 3D game models and get some hands on practice using the modeling tools.

- Module 1: Modifiers and Sub-objects

- Module 2: Model a Video Game Crate

- Module 3: Modeling a Barrel

- Assignment #1: Model an Oil Barrel

- Module 4: Modeling a Dresser

- Final Assignment: Model a Nightstand

Continue to hone and master your budding polygon editing skills.

This course is designed to evolve the skills you've already picked up in the first two beginner courses.

This course is largely focused around the Edit Poly Modifier, where you will do most of your work as a 3D modeler.

You will also explore spline modeling, an alternate modeling method that is quick and powerful.

- Module 1: The Edit Polygon Modifier

- Module 2: Optimizing Assets

- Module 3: Smoothing Groups

- Module 4: Modeling a Treasure Chest

- Module 5: Intro to Spline Modeling

- Assignment #1: Use Spline to Model Pawn

- Assignment #2: Use Spline to Trace Sports Logo

- Module 6: Modeling Link's Shield

- Final Assignment: Model a Fancy Chair

Learn how to use subdivision modeling like the pros to create higher quality models.

"Subdivision Modelling" is a technique used to create clean models with scalable detail that can be transferred to low poly models in game engines.

It is used to some degree in almost all industries that employ digital artists.

In this course you will gain the foundational high-poly modeling skills you will require to succeed in your career and learn how to create beautiful  models with correct technique.

- Module 1: Intro to Subdivision Modeling

- Module 2: How You Model Dem Shapes?

- Assignment #1: Add Control Loops to Treasure Chest

- Module 3: Modeling Complex Objects

- Assignment #2: Model a Complex Object

- Module 4: Modeling a Laser Thermometer

- Final Assignment: Model a Small High-Poly Prop

Learn the fundamentals and more for creating high quality textures.

Substance Painter is a tool used to create clean models with scalable detail that can be transferred to low poly models in game engines.

It is used to some degree in almost all industries that employ digital artists.

In this course you will gain the foundational high-poly modeling skills you will require to succeed in your career and learn how to create beautiful  models with correct technique.

- Module 1: Intro to Unwrapping

- Module 2: Unwrapping An Arcade Cabinet

- Assignment #1: Arcade Cabinet

- Module 3: Intro to Baking

- Module 4: Floaters

- Assignment #2: Baking Floaters

- Module 5: Advanced Unwrapping & Baking

- Module 6: Intro to Substance Painter

- Module 7: Advanced Substance Painter Techniques

-Final Assignment: Texturing a AAA Prop

Learn the tips and tricks on how to light and render your portfolio pieces like the pros.

Lighting and rendering is one of the most important and most under-developed skills in aspiring 3D artists.

Great lighting is the difference between mediocre and masterful digital art.

In this course you will learn the tips and tricks on how to light and render your portfolio pieces like the pros do, and make any 3D art you make a much higher quality than you could without this knowledge and these skills.

Under construction...

Coming soon.

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Learn how to create a low poly game rock asset that can be used modularly.

In this video series, we will learn how to make modular rocks.

Modular rocks are rock assets that we can use as single elements or combine to form large landscapes.

We will learn the best practice to create an asset that can be rotated and combined with itself to create this effect.

We will learn how to block out this asset in 3DS Max and then take it into Zbrush for sculpting.

- Module 1: Modular Rocks Part 1

- Module 2: Modular Rocks Part 2

Learn how to create
low-poly trees that are optimized for game engines.

In this course you will create a low poly game tree.

The objective is to create an optimized tree that can be used over and over in the game engine without slowing down the FPS.

We will also create a master file in 3DS Max that we can use to create many variations of the tree.

Although there are many free plugins out there that can quickly generate trees, understanding how to create foliage is an essential skill that will benefit you greatly in your career as a 3D artist.

- Module 1: Creating the Branches

- Module 2: Creating the Tree

Create a hand-painted "World of Warcraft-style" texture using Zbrush.

Learn industry-expert Fanny Vergne's process to create stylized textures in Zbrush.

She mastered her craft through her experience in the video games industry for more than 10 years working for big companies like Ubisoft and Blizzard Entertainment.

In this course she shares her in-depth knowledge in professional-level processes like sculpting in Zbrush, baking in Marmoset Toolbag, and painting in Photoshop.

- Module 1: The Basemesh

- Module 2: Zbrush Sculpting 1

- Module 3: Zbrush Sculpting 2

- Module 4: Zbrush Sculpting 3

- Module 5: Baking

- Module 6: Photoshop Foundation

- Module 7: Paint Over

- Module 8: Paint Over 2

Learn advanced shape creation and color application in Substance Designer.

This course focuses on teaching and showing the creation process of advanced Substance Designer materials.

You will learn how to create a wide variety of 3D shapes, apply color effectively, rendering out your textures and how to present your work in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

It is taught by veteran instructor and freelance digital artist, Daniel Thiger. Check him out on Artstation here.

- Module 1: Substance Fundamentals

- Module 2: Essential Nodes

- Module 3: Voronoi Cells and Shapes

- Module 4: Colour Application

- Module 5: Parameters and Generators

- BONUS: Advanced Shape Creations

Master Fusion 360 in modeling and game development.

Fusion 360 for Game Artists is the latest course at the Intermediate Level in GAA.

In it you will walk through a step by step process for modeling R.O.B. The Robot and will how you can use this tool in a number of other game art-relevant applications.

It is taught by Game Arts Academy advanced student, Luke Straker. Check him out on Artstation here.

- Module 1: Introduction to Fusion

- Module 2: Modeling R.O.B. The Robot In Fusion

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Supercharge your LinkedIn profile and really get noticed by recruiters.

One of the most commonly overlooked networking tools by many new 3D artists is LinkedIn.

In this tutorial series, business and marketing coach Clayton Elliott teaches how to overhaul and optimize your LinkedIn profile to really get you noticed by recruiters and head hunters.

This is extremely valuable knowledge that can really set you apart from all the competition out there. 

- Module 1: Profile Building Basics

- Module 2: Advanced Profile Building

- Module 3: Building Your Network

- Module 4: Building Your Brand

Supercharge your LinkedIn profile and really get noticed by recruiters.

In this tutorial series, we have expert artists share their trade secrets.

They will show you how to master popular processes that will make you both more efficient and effective.

No matter how good you think you think you are, there's always others better than you who have better ways to get things done.

The first in-depth chapter is by Eric Correira, where he will explore and demonstrate some advanced unwrapping and baking techniques. 

- Module 1: Advanced Unwrapping and Baking

- Module 2: Coming Soon

- Module 3: Coming Soon

- Module 4: Coming Soon

Build a world-class, AAA-quality 3D environment that lands you work.

Advanced Environment Mastery is the ultimate 3D game environment training course.

In it you will learn industry secrets to boost your skills, your artwork, and your ability to present it that can take your portfolio to the next level and really get you noticed!

This is your ticket to opening doors in the industry and pre-selling yourself before interviews.

- Module 1: Course Kick-Off

- Module 2: Modular Asset Planning

- Assignment #1: Blockout

- Module 3: Advanced UE4 Lighting

- Assignment #2: Preliminary Lighting

- Module 4: Environment Modeling Tips & Tricks

- Module 5: Master Material Setup

- Assignment #3: Master Material

- Module 6: Edge Wear On Tile-able Textures

- Module 7: Substance Painter Tips and Tricks

- Assignment #4: Refined Blockout

- Module 8: Tile-able Textures on Props

- Module #5: Large Props

- Module 9: Trim Textures In Substance Painter

- Assignment #6: Storytelling Props

- Module 10: Post Process Tips and Tricks

- Module 11: Marmoset Toolbag 3 Advanced Rendering

Learn how to create and publish your own indie game step by step from start to finish from 2 industry veterans.

Learn from 3D artists Jacob Sutton and Tayler Christensen how they created Spirit of The North, and got it published on the Playstation Store, PC, and now Nintendo.

We live in an unprecedented time in video games where two 3D artists can build their own indie game from start to finish and get it published in around a year... working part time on it!

In this innovative and super in-depth advanced course, you will learn step-by-step how to build and launch your own creative indie game by following the map these guys made.


- Module 1:
Introduction and Orientation

- Module 2: Deciding on What Games to Make + Making your Game Plan Map + Timeline

- Module 3: Game Design From Start to Finish

- Module 4: Level Design and Level Planning

- Module 5: The Blueprint System, Learning Visual Programming

- Module 6: Environment Art

- Module 7: Characters and Animation System

- Module 8: Final Delivery

Join A Priceless Community To Answer Your Questions And Give You Valuable Feedback On Your 3D Art
Our members-only Slack group is made up of supportive 3D artists ranging from rookie to world-class who are ready to answer ALL your 3D art, inner game, and industry-related questions.
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Eddie Faria

Game Arts Academy Founder

9 years as a 3D artist, Art Director, and Project Lead.

4 years as a college 3D art college professor

Artstation | LinkedIn 

Divider Text
Eric Correia

Model Artist @ Lucky VR

5 years as a professional 3D artist at companies like Ubisoft, Lever, and more.

PRO & PLUS Level Coach and course creator @ GAA

Artstation | LinkedIn

Divider Text
James Brady

Seasoned game industry professional

Has worked on 25 shipped big game titles (mane you likely have played).

Has mentored aspiring 3D artists for years and loves it as much as creating games

Portfolio | LinkedIn

Divider Text
Dylan Abernethy

Expert 3D Artist & Teacher

Ubisoft Toronto
Model Artist
Dekogon Prop Artist

Has also mentored aspiring 3D artists for years and loves it as much as creating games

Artstation | LinkedIn

What Our Students Say About Us
Student Video Testimonials

Ashawn Masahir

Ilora Rosenberg

Alia Morgan

Alexander Pinto Lobo

Nansy Khanano

Check Out This Impressive 3D Art Our Students Made Through Our Courses And Community Support
You can make 3D art like this too!

Click through any image to the expanded student gallery.

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"Game Arts Academy was exactly what I needed to take the next step in my career from an artist working in indie/architecture to working full time at a studio.

Trying to do everything on my own would have been possible, but very difficult. Anything I struggled with or wanted to know more about, I was able to learn here with direct helpful feedback.

I am extremely confident about finding a full time job at a studio after this.

Not only will the art you create during the course be top notch, you will learn the skills to do it over and over again, and go back and polish your older work. You really learn how to best present and sell yourself.

I came into this course struggling with lighting and composition as well as presentation. I feel I strengthened all my weaknesses and now am very confident in those areas.

The weekly lessons always taught me something very useful, and I feel gave me a leg up in the industry.

I can not recommend this portfolio building boot camp enough. Game Arts Academy was exactly what I needed to take the next step in my career."

 - Sarim Ali, 3D Modeler @ Get Set Games

(Interview and Portfolio Showcase Below)

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The course (Advanced Environment Mastery) is very in-depth, it not only provided me with an amazing end product but gave me the skill set and tools to landing a job in a very competitive industry.

I found it very hard as a recent graduate to find the time to complete personal projects.

Having a system in place to hold me accountable for reaching milestones and personal goals for projects was so important. This course allowed me to practice and discipline my time management skills in a productive way.

The knowledge and experiences from an industry veteran like Eddie is invaluable. Having a mentor that has worked at AAA companies gives you an edge before you even walk into the interview.

I would say commit to it, it will be challenging at times but the only way for you to really improve is to push yourself.

The most rewarding thing about the course is that it pushes you to be a better artist, the end results speak for themselves.

 - Nick Dobrijevic, 3D Environment Artist @ Ubisoft

(Interview and Portfolio Showcase Below)

What Access To Game Arts Academy Costs As A Recurring Membership
We also offer a recurring membership for courses, community, coaching, and other perks.

Grab this limited-time deal now and avoid paying recurring fees for access later.

(Features in the blue column boxes not crossed out are included)
If you love self-directed learning, or simply want to dip your toe in the water.
per month
per year
Save $219 by paying annually
Access to ALL in
  • Courses (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Slack Peer Community & Feedback Group
  • Assessments (Interests, Temperament, etc.)
  • Industry Expert Interviews
  • The "Autobot Accountabilibuddy" System

Upgrade, downgrade, pause your account or switch between monthly and annual billing at any time.
The next level of skill, scrilla, and seriousness if you're not just playing games.
per month
per year
Save $259 by paying annually
Access to ALL in
BASE And...
  • Slack Virtual Coaching Channel With Industry Experts
  • Coaching Call Recordings ("Fly on the wall")
  • "Motivated Mornings" Daily Accountability Check-Ins
  • Silent Study Hours
  • Gscrum Game Art Production Line Support System

Upgrade, downgrade, pause your account or switch between monthly and annual billing at any time.
When you want to connect with pros for feedback, and get your work seen by recruiters.
per month
per year
Save $889 by paying annually
Access to ALL in
BASE, PLUS, And...
  • LIVE Industry Expert Interviews
  • Profile On GAA Talent Board
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions With Industry Experts
  • Monthly Q&A Session
  • Semi-Annual 1:1 Art & Portfolio Reviews
  • Industry Recruiters Newsletter
Upgrade, downgrade, pause your account or switch between monthly and annual billing at any time.
When you want to go as wide, deep, far, and as fast as possible, this will get you there.
per month
per year
Save $1200 by paying annually
Access to ALL in
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions With Industry Experts
  • LIVE Guest Expert Workshop
  • Semi-Annual "Mock Interview" w/ Real Industry Manager
  • And More...

Upgrade, downgrade, pause your account or switch between monthly and annual billing at any time.
Try It Out Risk-Free For 30 Days And See How It Helps You Boost Your Skills, Productivity And "Inner Game"
If you are not satisfied for any reason,
simply email our support and we'll issue you
a prompt 100% refund.

We are so confident this will help you make world-class 3D art and will help you boost your "Inner Game" so much that we're willing to put the risk on us to deliver huge value in the first 30-days of your enrollment and admission into the school.

If you don't feel it was well worth your investment, or simply need to pull out because of changing life circumstances, we are happy to give you a full refund and a big thanks for giving it your best shot.

If on day 30 you feel that we didn't deliver on our promise to you, or your life situation changed and you can't commit to the investment, you can pull out without any guilt or regret.

We only ask you answer a short exit question to help us learn how we could improve the program.

But that's not the only way we can remove the risk from you so you can enroll with confidence this will be worth your time...

My “You’re Satisfied Or I Deserve To Be On The Streets And Put Out Of Business” Satisfaction Guarantee
6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee

This is simple and straightforward:

1. Do ALL the work in your course path
2. Ping me weekly to show your progress
3. Complete weekly progress report form
4. Be active in the Slack community
5. Jump on a video call and tell me your thoughts

If you do all this and anytime before 6-months you feel this isn’t helping you improve as a digital artist, get on a call with me and look me in the eyes and tell me this is not worth what you paid for it and you want to pull out, and I will give you your money back in full… and give you another $500 for wasting your time.

This is my double-your-money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions
At this point, you may still have a question or two on your mind. Skim these 5 sections below for the frequently asked question(s) you'd like an answer to:

Immediate Practical Concerns

I launched Game Arts Academy in mid 2018, and early 2019 with 2 Advanced 3D Environment & Portfolio Building Boot Camps that I delivered live. That gave me a firm foundation and the momentum I needed to start to build out the other courses and parts of the school.

We're now taking in a limited number of "Founding Students" to work through the beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced-level self-directed courses.

And to also provide support services that will be included with recurring memberships. Our goal is to continuously improve and refine these features with our Founding Students' feedback.

But in the future, access to Game Arts Academy at any level will only be possible through an ongoing subscription for membership.

Plans will range from $29 / $49 / $149 / $299 / $499 per month.

With this lifetime deal, you are getting lifetime access to all the beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses at our school, and a year of access for a select set of bonuses from the BASE & PLUS tiers. If you would like to keep access to these bonuses after a year, you can for a low annual subscription of $99. And if you want to upgrade to our coaching tiers, you can as well for a reduced recurring subscription.

Offering a recurring subscription membership model will allow us to dedicate resources to our active students’ satisfaction and success, and keep the ideal outcomes of these highly committed members as our prime focus.

And do this while still making a comprehensive library of world-class digital / game art education affordable to the broadest possible audience regardless of financial situation.

Giving you an opportunity to grab an affordable prepaid lifetime access deal allows us to serve you at a high level and meet all our current and future business objectives.

In short:

Game studios want to be able to first see your art and see that you've already created art at a level that they expect their artists to be at before they’ll ever consider hiring you.

No manager in charge of hiring likes making the wrong choice with a new hire, and most would prefer the safe bet wherever possible.

And your mind-blowingly impressive art (or lack thereof) will help them determine in a split second how safe/unsafe of a bet you are.

If you get your portfolio to a point of being objectively impressive to the most scrutinizing eyes in the industry (me and the GAA coaches), you’ll have set yourself up as best you can to land work in the industry.

That is why I encourage patience and using your time wisely to make yourself, your skills, and your portfolio as solid as possible before going for the entry job (or second or third job) of your dreams.

And if you are trying to build your own game with others, or get into the freelance world on your own, this is just as important for you to get right as it is the firm foundation you need to build your career on. Houses built on sand crumble and injure or kill the inhabitants. So build on bedrock.

Exactly as you'd assume.

You have a full 30-days to test out the courses, community, and everything I've offered and see if you feel it's a good fit for you.

If at any point within 30 days you change your mind for any reason, simply email to let us know you want to pull out.

We will ask a few exit questions to learn how we can improve it for future students. Once you answer them we will give you a full refund.

It’s pretty straight forward, but I want you to be clear on the conditions.

You have a full 6-months to do the work and if you are not satisfied with your results, we will refund you in full, and even give you a $500 cash payment for wasting your time.

BUT… Here are the conditions... And you MUST meet every one of them. Any failure to do so will disqualify you from this policy and forfeit your right to claim it if one day before your 6 month mark you are not satisfied with your experience here and want a refund.

1. Do ALL the work in your course path. We'll determine this in your on-boarding call.

2. Ping me weekly in Slack to show your progress.

3. Complete a weekly progress report form. Don't miss one week of completing it, even if you do no work that week. This is an accountability system to help you stay on track and not fall behind, even if you need to take some time off.

4. Be active in the Slack community. Help your peers and ask for help from them. Seek feedback from them often and give them feedback on their WIPS often too.

5. Jump on a video call and tell me your thoughts on why this was not worth what you invested in it and why you want out.

If you do these actions and fulfill these obligations and “Do The Work”, and can honestly look me in the face on a video call and say you are not satisfied with your progress in Game Arts Academy and want to pull out then, I will refund you in full what you have paid up until that point, and will give you $500 cash in hand as a “sorry for wasting your time tax” on us. All I ask in return is that you tell me how we could’ve made it better and worth your time and money in a short exit survey.

Tuition to join GAA is in USD (United States Dollars). If you are a resident of Canada, The UK, New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere else, you will pay the currency exchange rate for the day the purchase occurs. If you are a Canadian resident, you will pay the exchange rate + 13% HST on top of that.


We don’t offer any financial assistance, per se. But we do have a generous affiliate program that we offer students who want to invite other aspiring game artists to join. Students earn a higher commission than non-students, and based on performance, you can move from Bronze, to Silver, to the Gold program and earn higher commission rates and performance bonuses too.

We would rather give you an opportunity to earn a side income promoting our online school that you are benefiting from and enjoying instead of giving you a hand-out because of your scarcity mindset and belief you are poor. “Poor in money” does not equal “poor in spirit, heart, courage, creativity, resourcefulness and work ethic”. Everyone can work, and if you’re unemployed living at home with your parents with more than enough time and the ability to send messages online, you have all you need to earn back everything you will invest here on your education, and way more than that even.

We would much rather pay you good money for promoting us than give it to the advertising juggernauts who have no loyalty to us, no vested interest in what we do and how we help artists, and could care less if we succeed or fail.

Enroll on the payment plan you can afford, and then hit reply and let us know you would like to apply for our Partner Program, and we’ll get you set up asap.

If you are a Canadian resident, you will also pay 13% sales tax (HST) on top of your tuition payment(s). We charge this on top and remit it to the CRA. If you live in the UK, you will pay the VAT which will be added on automatically and taken by proper authorities. We do not charge it ourselves and it does not end up in our possession ever. If you are not a resident of Canada or the EU you will not pay any sales tax on top of tuition.

“Is This A Good Fit For Me?”

Absolutely. In the beginner’s track of the school, you have more than enough courses to learn the ropes and really get a solid foundation to build on. The first 6 courses in the beginner’s track are the equivalent to the first 2 years in any good college program and will take you from knowing nothing with no skills to knowing the fundamentals and able to make solid 3D art. After completing the beginner’s track, you’ll be able to rock it in the intermediate and advanced-level courses.

You’ll also know for sure by the time you’re done a few beginner level courses if this is the industry you really want to devote more time and resources to go pro in. For many aspiring artists, it’s playing their favourite games that makes them want to become video game artists. But the passion wears off quick once they realize how challenging it is to compete at the top of the talent pool in their college program, let alone the industry as a whole.

This will either be the boost of encouragement you need to push forward and win, or it will be the sobering splash of cold watch you needed to feel before committing your finite time and financial resources to it.

Yes!!! I highly recommend if you are already in a college digital arts program that you make this tiny comparable investment and get a never-ending library of game art education that will continue to serve you long after you college is done.

The majority of our students are either college grads, or students currently in college looking to supplement their education, or even replace college because they need to drop out and save money, but still want to build a career in this field.

I'm a little bias, but as someone who used to teach in the college system, I can say that this education we offer is way better than many college game art programs.


Yes! The art you see in our student gallery was made by game art college graduates AFTER they finished school! They all finished school with solid base skills, but none of them finished school with the ability to create the AAA-level art you can see throughout this page. If you saw their before-GAA art, you’ll see a huge improvement in their after-college-3D-art compared to their after-GAA-3D-art.

At best, most college programs show students the ropes, but leave the vast majority of graduates with mediocre skills and lackluster portfolios that don't get them interviews and definitely don't get them hired.

As a graduate, our GAA course library and the support you will get in our community (and through the coaching calls if you have them) will help you get to the end result you're seeking way faster than you would on your own, and at a higher caliber than you could on your own.

That is entirely up to you :)
Some students get done in 6 weeks what others finish in 16 weeks. Some students work 4-8 hours / day 4-6 days a week. Some work way less than that because they have other life and work obligations and less free time. It really depends on your unique life constraints and how you work with and through them.

You can work through the curriculum slowly if needed, or you can crush it as fast as possible if you have the time and energy.
The lessons average about 5-15 minutes so you can watch them on your phone when needed

There are 3 levels of difficulty and skill requirement, and the courses in each level vary in length too. The shortest course will take you 1-2 hours to watch and implement in full, and the longest courses will take you 100+ hours to watch and implement in full.

If you are serious about this as your professional career, I would say no less than 4-6, even 6-10 hours of devoted study per week, and there is no maximum limit, so long as you take care of yourself and don't burn out.

This will all depend on your membership level.

In the BASE Membership program, the main support features we offer is our Slack Peer-Support Community, The Silent Study Room Sessions, Morning Check-Ins, the Gscrum project management tool, and the Autobot Accountabilibuddy that will follow up with you if you’ve been absent from classes for too long. It will also ping you every week and ask you to answer a few questions in a form that will hold you accountable to yourself. At this tier you get unlimited access to all the online courses and these student support services. We offer this tier for the autodidacts and self-directed learners. It’s also the best place if you’re just interested in testing out the content for the first time to see if you like it and want to pursue it as a career.

At the PLUS level ($49/month to start) we start to introduce Student Support Services like the GAA Slack Coaching Channel where you can post your question/challenge and expect a coaches reply within 24-48 hours. This virtual coaching support service alone can help you get the results you’re seeking way easier and faster than you could figuring it out all on your own

At the $149/month PRO tier, $299/month PRO+ tier, and $499/month ELITE coaching tier, on top of all you would get in the BASE and PLUS tiers, you also get direct access to bi-weekly / weekly coaching sessions, one-on-one coaching, and monthly Q&A sessions with veteran industry expert artists where you can get all the direct feedback you’ll need. At these levels you can get quarterly portfolio reviews and we can dive deep into areas you need the most help.

Our goal is to continuously innovate and improve our student support services at every level of membership, and make our online school’s student learning experience way better than our rival physical institutions (who may not be around much longer).

But more than anything, it's to empower and enable you to make this journey on your own two feet with only the resources you hold in your hands and head right now. Consider us training-wheels that we will rip off ourselves and push you ahead without us as soon as we feel you’re ready.

You will be supported, but only to a point. Then you will be pushed into the real world where your inner-game skills must take you the rest of the way. This is a “Digital Dojo” NOT a “digital daycare”

The average lesson is about 10 minutes. Few are more than 15. Many are 5-8 minutes. One course has 1-hour long lessons.

The homework assignments can take as long as you want. Some people take longer than others. Others may not have the same amount of time available to devote. Some may be more productive and focused than others. And might be more or less perfectionists too. You really want to get into a habit of developing good productivity habits so you can balance being efficient with effective.

That depends on your data plan. Because many of the lessons are actionable and have homework assignments that follow, I would highly recommend watching these and doing the assignments from your desktop or laptop.

“How Does This Work?”

Just as you would imagine.

Post your work-in-progress art in there and ask your peers for feedback and suggestions on it. Our coaches are in there too, and as we grow we'll be hiring more coaches to work in their dedicated to the Coaching Channel for PLUS, PRO, PRO+ and ELITE Membership students. So you will be able to get expert feedback in their as well as peer-feedback.

You can ask questions about anything in the courses that you'd like help on. The videos are laid out in a very step-by-step way, so you should not get stuck anywhere. But many students in this group have already crushed these courses, and can assist wherever you might be stuck.

I (Eddie) will spend time in there too, and I chime in on posts when I have the time to, but this is not a place where all members can lean on me for answers to their questions. If I do interact on your post(s) in there, consider it a bonus :).

And if you privately message me your questions, or really anything other than to let me know about a bug you found in your student experience, I will not answer at all. So please don’t ping me with small talk or your questions that could easily be put to the group for help. Being in this group is not a direct access to message dialogues with me, and I will enforce it strictly. And I appreciate your understanding about this. I would burn-out and not be able to add value continuously to the school if I was always caught up in one-to-one chats with every student who wanted my ear.

Please only private message me in Slack if you have an issue with your account or billing or some type of admin thing you need fixed.

We have a simple code of conduct in there, and if you violate it, you will be warned only once. Maybe twice if it is not a flagrant foul. But by the third time you will be banned for life from it and will not be permitted back in. This community of practice is a drama-free zone and is a privilege to participate in, not a right. You will always have course access, but community access is conditional on good behaviour. Dignity and respect towards your fellow students is a must. Treat others how you want to be treated.

The 1.0 version of this optional accountability system is designed to give you a simple email, voicemail, or text message to reconnect with you and invite you to re-engage with the course material that you signed up for after a period of prolonged inactivity.

For all the wild potential of online education, the most tragic and discouraging fact of online learning is that the vast majority of people who buy any form of education (including books, audiotapes, etc.) fail to implement what they learn, if they consume it and actually learn anything at all.

Our goal with this innovative system is to help us stay in touch with you and support and encourage you based on where you’re struggling, or support and enthuse you where you are succeeding. And do so without us having to manually keep track of every student's progress.

We're designing your Autobot Accountabilibuddy system to help you overcome the sneaky pernicious devils of laziness, forgetfulness, procrastination, and apathy that attack all of us. It's purpose is to help you do the work you came to do to get the results you came here to get.

But it is totally optional. If you are a self-motivated person who does what you set out to do, then you can opt-in to this only if you really want. But you’ll never hear from it if you didn't because it only kicks-in once you’ve missed 14 days or more.

Every week you will also get an email with a self-assessment form that you can complete in 2 minutes flat. This will also help you take inventory of what went well the previous week, and what was a challenge that you need to overcome in the coming week.

We have crazy ideas for the 2.0, 3.0, and beyond versions of Autobot Accountabilibuddy, but for now this one will do fine.

Sadly, too many students need to be sitting in a classroom with a teacher watching them to keep their focus on schoolwork.

It's one benefit of classroom environments, but not worth the financial risk incurred for it. Especially not now with the crazy changes that are coming to higher education.

So the best way we can recreate the school learning environment online is by having face-to-face video conferencing "study sessions".

Students jump in any call at the beginning of the call, turn on their video, mute mics, pull up their project, and get a solid hour or more of work done with the accountability of being in a classroom.

We also have a “Pomodoro Timer” running to help you manage your time and do hyper-focused sprints so you can take regular breaks and take care of yourself. “Sitting is our younger generation’s smoking” they say, so this is a way to make sure sedentary work life doesn’t cause chronic physical and posture related health issues over time.

We have ideas to improve the 2.0 version and beyond, but this 1.0 version will definitely serve its purpose for now.

One thing that makes you more valuable than the next guy in this market is your ability to organize yourself and keep track of your action items and assets.

You may not have experience working with project management tools.

This project management tool will allow you to stay on top of everything you have to do, are doing, and have done.

We're creating workflow templates that will allow you to jump in and get right to work doing the right things in the right order saving precious money, time, and nerves.

Figuring out puzzles is fun.

But stumbling over your digital workplace and losing your digital artwork thanks to poor or non-existent tools and systems is no fun at all.

We've designed this feature of the school to help you stay on top of things. Most tools like this with these features will cost you money.

And all game studios use some type of scrum-based project management tool to keep all the countless moving parts and deliverables of the many departments completed on time and to quality standards. Getting used to this tool will increase your value to future employers and to yourself if you go freelance. Time is money, and you will learn how to manage your time wisely and effectively using this tool.

Every morning Eddie (or whomever is leading the session that morning) will open the Zoom room and give a quick welcome to those on the call.

The call leader will give a quick motivational talk on topics related to creating digital art to help you prepare for the daily battles ahead of you.

The chat will be open so attendees can post a comment stating what they are working on and what they are setting as their goal(s) for the day.

Calls will run 15-mins tops, and then you're off to the races for the day. Many students use these every day as a part of their morning routine and an official marker to start their work-day.

If you struggle with procrastination because you are on your own clock, or feel isolated in your study and work routine, these calls are a great resource to lean on for daily motivation and encouragement.

Every week for PRO+ and every other week for PRO level students, you can jump on a small group coaching call with myself or one of the industry expert mentors / coaches and other students and ask us anything in real time about your work in progress and get it reviewed.

In the ELITE Coaching Program you get bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and bi-weekly group coaching sessions on top of all the other services. This level is the most hands-on support we offer and you get access to everything we offer here. Once the year of coaching is done, you get all the courses and other student services for life, and can continue coaching at a reduced rate if you want.

You will have to schedule your sessions in advance in your backend Student Support Services area by completing a form. They are first come first serve for bookings.

The difference between these calls and the monthly Q&A session is that on these Coaching Calls you cannot submit your questions in advance, and the call will always run one (1) hour tops.

Because of this duration limit, group coaching calls will be capped at 6 students, and each student will get 10 minutes max to share what they’re working on, where they have challenges, get focused feedback on what they’ve done so far, and suggested next steps to complete their projects well.

Calls will be held on Thursdays throughout the afternoon (Eastern Time) but more will be scheduled as they fill up as more students join.

IMPORTANT: If you schedule a session and don’t show up, you will be charged a $10 no-show penalty. These are the most in-demand and cost-intensive services we offer, and when you book a session and don’t show up for it, you take the seat from another student who could be there, and cost us because we still have to pay our coaches a flat hourly rate.

If you are not going to make it, you need to give at least 24 hours notice and cancel your appointment by clicking the NOT ATTENDING button in your email notification at least 24 hours before your call. We hold this strictly, and only allow for medical emergencies as valid excuses for no-shows or short notice cancellations.

Q&A sessions will be held on the same day and time each month. And they will always be held in Eastern Time Zone.

Throughout the month you will be able to submit your question(s) via a submission form found in the student backend. There are page specific question / comment submission areas that you can use to submit a question based on a specific lesson.

Eddie will answer each question one by one on a recorded video session. This will grow over time into a library of valuable content.

Please try to compile all your questions into one submission if possible. If not, that’s fine. But if you are asking too many basic questions, or questions that could be put to your peer community, or questions that are clearly addressed in the course material, your questions will be briefly answered or you will simply be directed to the course material that answers your question

I’ve been in the industry for a long time, and I have many connections in the industry.

Already people in my professional network have been reaching out to me with job opportunities because they know I am building this school and know that I’ve been delivering these boot camps to intermediate and advanced-level students who they'd want to meet.

We will help you as much as we can to get interview-ready, and get you lined up with interviews if you and your portfolio are truly interview-ready.

This feature of the school will be highly merit-based, and will not be an entitlement simply because students are paying a fee.

For 2020, we imagine this will be an informal thing that will happen organically. But in 2021 and beyond, we would like to create a more formal system that would allow this to be done in the most effective way possible.

We are creating this "GAA Talent Board" to create a permanent place where we can post our most advanced students, alumni, and those who qualify.

If you are a top Game Arts Academy student, and can easily prove your talent, I’m happy to connect you with job opportunities that come our way.

As I mentioned, I have connections in this industry. And I plan on creating more.

This is still under development, but in short, I plan on sending a monthly email to the top students with a short list of recruiters looking for skilled game artists.

I will also send a similar email to a list of recruiters we're building with the names and portfolio links of our top talent in the school.

So long as you are doing your part and making yourself and your art portfolio impressive, I will do my best to make sure you have a steady list of recruiters to follow up with, and that they know about you too.

This will be highly merit-based, and I will be the gatekeeper who determines when you qualify for this. In the spirit of not jumping too soon (aka before you're ready), I'll allow students to leverage this asset only when they are fully ready to take advantage of it.

Again, as I just mentioned, I have connections in this industry, and I plan on creating more.

In the near future I plan to start doing interview sessions with career game artists and other industry pros. In these sessions I will ask them all types of questions to help you learn as much as you can from their years of experience.

You will be able to submit questions to be answered by the guest expert in the session.

We are open to suggestions for artists and experts you would like to see in an interview session.

"What If I Have Blocks, Fears, or Doubts?"

It is natural and totally expected to feel fear and doubt and you choose to commit yourself to this career path. It is actually very healthy to practice discernment and have a healthy sense of caution. Recklessness leads to ruin far too often. GAA calls on students to enroll who are ready and willing to do the “inner-work” needed to win the emotional and psychological battles you’ll face on your way through this game to become a game artist.

It is also very common that as you’re assessing if this is the path for you, all the negative forces (of fear, self-doubt, skepticism) rear their ugly heads and scream out in an attempt to thwart you, discourage you, preventing you from taking the decisive step forward.

It is necessary to overpower these opposing inner forces through an act of courage, an act of faith in yourself, an act of trust. These forces are there to act as "Threshold Guardians", to ensure that you do not proceed until you are actually able to summon the courage and inner force needed to move forward.

Know that you will be very supported in this journey. The curriculum itself is your main support. If you follow the curriculum, it will act like a treasure map, leading you closer and closer to the gold. In addition to that, you will have support from the coaches in the community and your fellow students who can relate to what you're going through, and who have lots of love and compassion to share with you.

Healing and transformation is hard. A part of you needs to die before you can transform, before you can experience a rebirth to a higher state of being. If you are feeling fear, it is because a part of you does not want to let go; does not want to die, so that something higher can be born. This is natural, but it is also going to hold you back if you remain in this state.

This program is meant to provide you with wise, compassionate, truthful and trustworthy guidance as you go through a personal transformation process. It will offer you the tools you need, but only you can summon the necessary courage to take the leap into the unknown, and win a victory there.

This is a competitive industry to succeed in. If you don't really want it, someone else you'll be competing with does, and they'll smoke you..

Nobody can force you to do anything you don't do yourself. And if you need someone to drag you to your goals, you will not reach any of them. Everyone gets discouraged and loses motivation at times. But if this is your permanent state, and you are not willing or able to work hard to overcome it, you don't stand a chance and should find something else to do as a career that is more suited to your temperament.

Past performance is often an indicator of future performance. But people can and do overcome their less than great pasts all the time. So you can redeem your past failures by hustling and humbling yourself to ask questions and get support from others in the present day. This is how you transform your future you're living into and creating day by day.

If you want a guarantee of success before starting something, pick a traditional trade. Plumber, electrician, etc.

This is why I stopped working as a college professor. Too many students wee accepted into the program, and took on massive debt just to test the waters with this highly specialized trade. Masny should never have been accepted into college programs.

And this is why I created this online school with the beginner level courses and a graduated series of courses. If you have your doubts about your ability to stick it out for the long haul in this trade until what is difficult becomes easy, I would stay start at the bottom and see how you learn the basics. See how much you enjoy the learning process. If you enjoy the learning process, and are excited by every step of progress you make, you'll have a good chance of making it through the many gauntlets you'll run.

Every student of mine started at the bottom, stumbled around for a while, and eventually found their footing, and then built from there. You can to if you have the ambition to give it your best, starting day one, and everyday after that.

By all means, take a break if you need to. That is the beauty of self-directed learning... If you are a good self-starter, you can take time off when you need to to tend to your life needs, or just relax and recharge, and then come back to it when you have more in your tank.

You have the student support systems that you can take advantage of to help yourself stay on track and stay motivated when you pass through the few “prop deserts” many talented artists before you have died trying to cross.

If you are going through a uniquely difficult time in your life and don’t have as much time as you wish you had to complete the courses, you can put your account on hold for a small monthly recurring fee. This only applies to those on a recurring payment plan.

Also, if you are on a recurring subscription membership and you are considering cancelling due to things in your life not aligning, but you really don’t want to, we offer an option for you to hold your spot in the school and all your progress to date for only $5/month for as long as you want. But if you cancel this, you will lose your progress, and forfeit any special payment plan deal you might have locked in.

Long-Term Practical Concerns

The course completion requirements are based on completing art assets for your portfolio. If you watch all the videos, but don’t do the lessons and create the art, you are wasting your time.

One of the biggest issues I have with the post-secondary education system is that it relies on cultural belief that only certificates can communicate our value to potential employers.

Fortunately for digital artists, your artwork alone can land you work, even if you’ve never gone to any post-secondary school. Employers don’t want a piece of paper that says you can create high quality digital art… they want to see the high quality digital art you’re already created.

When your professional portfolio on Artstation impresses me and your fellow GAA peers, than you are “graduated” and ready to go find real work in the field.

If you actually do program and work the system I laid out for you here, in the end you will have a very impressive 3D art portfolio that will open doors to interviews and eventually land you paid work in the digital art industry somewhere to your liking. YOu will have skills you didn’t have coming in here. And you will have confidence in yourself and your abilities as digital artist that you’ve never had before. You will have “inner game” and the ability to endure and challenges that come your way. But only if you do the work.

What more do we need to say?
The proof is in the art work and student testimonials.

"I found the weekly team meetings every Friday to be very valuable.

They provided an opportunity for critique, knowledge sharing, getting feedback from the instructor and fellow students, and also to find potential solutions to any questions or problems I came across.

I would encourage someone to join, especially if they are a new graduate or a disgruntled 3D artist with some experience who aspires to work in the gaming industry, but can't land a position at a game studio."

 - Ian Pulido, 3D Environment Artist @ Ubisoft

"The portfolio-building boot camp gave me the feeling of “not being in it alone”.  Having Eddie there to help guide me, as well as give me feedback and advice made me much more confident and eager to work on my portfolio.

Through GAA I learned the skills I need to take my student level work to a more professional looking and employable standard.

If you have the time to dedicate to it, and the drive to better your portfolio, taking part in the course makes it much easier to work efficiently."

 - Griffin Nikkel, 3D Environment Artist on an indie game under development

Don't miss your chance to make art like you've seen here and break into the industry you love so much.
This is the lowest I can offer this without feeling like I’m devaluing myself and my work.

Be smart and take advantage of it while it's here.

You have 30 days to test drive it to see if you really love it.

I hope to see you in the Game Arts Academy virtual hallways soon.
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